Post Nine – The One That Made Me A Finalist

Hey everyone!

Skipping stupid posts, we get to another of my favourites, the one with the most pageviews in the old blog- Jashn, my first jewellery set.

The tutorial’s pretty simple for this one but it feels timetaking.

For the necklace, I divided and A4 sized strip into four parts. Make as many as you like, and roll them into uniform sizes. Make sure you roll even no. of coils and split them into two different, contrasting colours 🙂

Join them in the zigzag manner as seen in the pic and paste all of it together. At the end, paste two hollow rolls and link the chain to those. 😉


For the earrings, use three strips- two of the same colour and one of the other. Roll them tight, and add dimension. Then use the combination of a coil and a jumpring to connect the earring to the hanging. Do the same fot the other two.


For the maang-tikka, I don’t remember the method but make any shape of your choice then link it to the attachment (you can make one easily with some metal wire) which is like a hook.


Moving on to the last part, making the ring is pretty straightforward. roll a strip on your finger to obtain desired diameter. Then make any shape of your choice and paste it onto the coil 🙂

The picture is as follows-

Jashn Manalo :)

This made me one of the finalists in The First Annual Itsy Bitsy Craft Awards 2012-2013 😀

Thank you, Jashn. You gave me a reason to celebrate 😎



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