Stamping Card + Envelope

Hey guys!

Warning: Long post with blabber and pic-tutorial ahead.

Recently I had the chance to visit Delhi’s Lajpat Nagar with my mom. It’s quite a popular hub around here. Moreover, Itsy Bitsy’s shop is located nearby (xD). So we went to pay a visit there too. You all must have heard the saying, water, water, everywhere but not a drop to drink; similarly the case with me was:

“Awesomeness, awesomeness everywhere, but not in the budget of mine :'(“

Still, my mom added in her money and bought us a lot of stuff πŸ™‚ (Happy ending to the shopping episode) and I brought home a few stamps and patterned paper. So I decided to make some cards with the clear stamps… ( Please note that I do not have the block to back the stamps, and a proper ink pad.)

Here’s how you can create awesome cards with just some markers and the stamps themselves πŸ™‚


Step 1: Procure the following materials (Bold markers or sketch pen brushes, any will do). UPDATE: How did that punch sneak in? It must be punished.



Step 2: Get an A4 sized sheet. Fold and cut the sheet into half, cut, and fold one part into half.


Step 3: Take stamp A, and ink it as shown.


Step 4: Once the stamp is covered in ink, press it on the paper. You will get a print. Repeat as shown.


Step 5: Take stamp B, ink it as shown, and press on the paper as shown. Your card is ready! (Ignore Laptop)


Now, for the envelope.

Step 6: Take the other half of the A4 sheet, and fold and cut as shown:


Step 7: Glue and Showdown!!!




Voila! There you go. One heck of a simple card πŸ™‚

See ya later,

Ananda :p


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