Hey everyone!

I’m Ananda Sreenidhi, and this is my new blog. I’m plain and simple, and don’t have much to talk about.

This blog showcases my ‘experiments’ at quilling(supplies used cost less than a hundred rupees). And yet, they remain ‘experiments’ ’cause they’re not <i>as</i> perfect as everyone makes them, pattern paper and all.

I have a talent for writing and my species is known for being bookwormish 🙂 . Not only nerdy, I do exhibit a few signs of geeky too. I’m an ardent fan of Star Wars and Star Trek, know some programming, and have done most of the things a 90’s kid would have done, only to have been born in ’99 (most people don’t acknowledge a ’99 born as one 😦 ).

The kind of person everyone at school calls nerdy. I do have a flair for Science and Sanskrit, hence they end up showing in most of my posts 🙂

I’m a Grammar-Nazi, so I do have an obsession of keeping my posts grammatically correct and free of errors like ATM Machine(Automated Teller Machine Machine) and potentially free from the your and you’re errors. Excuse this paragraph please. *almost kills self for writing this*.

*ahem* Thaaaank You. *steps off stage*


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