Post Seven – The Snowman

Hey everyone!

Its one day since I started the blog, and seven posts already? Whew. Well, here’s a (bit out-of-season) scary snowman, supposed to be a christmas (see?) trinket.

I’d originally used twelve strips for the body (alternating colours cream and white) and six strips for the head. 1/4th a strip for the facial features and finally 7 cm of plastic wire to make the hanging. Don’t forget to give those tight coils some dimension, and then fill it up with glue 🙂

To make the hanging, bend the plastic wire to make both its ends meet, and holding the ends, make three quick twists at the end. While the glue in the shape is still moist, thrust the wire in the shape. No need to worry, it will get attached pretty well.

These trinkets are very strong, as they survived a lot of adrenaline-rushed kids 🙂 🙂 🙂

Here’s the original pic:-

Snowman :)


This was given away to a friend, who loved it a lot!




Post Six- Ganesh ji- The All-time Favourite :)

Hey everyone!

Here’s my all-time favourite post, as mentioned in the title- Ganesh ji.

Here is the original post-

I used two strips for the trunk, a strip for the belly and each leg, quarter a strip each for the hands, half a strip for the foot and crown, and a tiny little strip for the yummy little modakam 🙂

The picture-

Ganesh Ji :)

The recreation-

Ganesh Ji- New :)

Hope you liked it 🙂

वक्रतुण्ड महाकाय कोटि-सूर्य समप्रभ ।
निर्विघ्नं कुरुमे देव सर्वकार्येषु सर्वदा ।।

Post Five- Angry Bird: The Teensy-Weensy Blue Guy

Hey everyone!

I’m gonna skip the cards. They’re:

  1. Far too complicated to recreate.
  2. Given away, with love.
  3. Having pictures so grainy, you’ll have to pay with your soul to see them 🙂

Coming down to Angry Birds-II, here it is-

I have no idea how many strips I used, but the ratio is 60-40 for the beak, and 1/4th of a strip for the eyes and the red eyelids 🙂

One of The Blues, Jay :)

They both made cute keychains:-

Keychains :)

Post Four- Bad Piggie

Hi everyone!

Post four is the Bad piggie. No time to recreate and original in bad shape. No time to post the tutorial either. Simple and straightforward-

I’d used about twenty green strips for the face,
a black strip cut 60:40 for the nostrils,
two pista green strips for the nose.
a crimped strip for the mouth (pista green)’
half a white strip each for the eyes,
and another green stip cut into the ratio of 60:40 for the ears….

Bad Piggie :)

After fixing them, you would get a piggie like this:-

Post Three- The Basket

Hey everybody!

Two posts already made (the intro doesn’t count), and onto the third- the basket. Twenty more to go 🙂

Here is the basket with the tutorial-

You’ll need:-
Quilling strips
Tool or Slotted Toothpick
  • You will have to coil about 30 strips of various or the same colour.
  • Then for the handle, you may either simply paste a strip or you may give it an effect like lace in the following manner:-
  1. Take a strip and place it vertically on a surface.
  2. Measure an inch and paste a strip on it horizontally.
  3. Measure 2mm and paste another strip horizontally.
  4. Now start braiding the strip similar to the fashion of braiding hair.
  • Now fill the baket up with a glue that dries clear [use generously, but don’t fill up too much of glue…Too much of anything is also not good:)]

You have a beautiful basket now….(okay, okay)

Surprise, Surprise! I found the old one this time, with an additional surprise… see for yourself!

Basket :)

Recreating is exhausting, eh?

Post Two- The Fringed Flower

Hey everybody!

My second post on the old blog was about fringed flowers. Arrrrgh! Time to recreate…. ugggh! not again! I cut through the strip. Yes, fringing’s pretty exhaustive *hopes to see understanding smiles* especially if it’s hand fringing 🙂

One hundred and sixty-four trials later, I present to you a very shabbily done fringed flower. The original tutorial is as follows:

You will need:-
Quilling Strips
Tool or Slotted Toothpick 

  • Fringe a paper strip.
  • Coil it with the Tool but do not let it open.
  • Paste the tip and open the fringes:)

You now have a beautiful fringed flower!

Here is the one I made:-

Fringed Flower :)

Post One- The Miniature Teacup

This was my post one at the old blog- The Miniature Teacup (pics upgraded)

I’m Ananda and this is my blog, Rockin’ Rollin’ and Quillin’. I’m new to quilling. Basically, quilling is an art form in which you roll up strips of paper, and shape them to form pieces of art. Today I have created a new thing by quilling. This is the Miniature Teacup. I shall teach you how to make the same.

You will need:-

Quilling Strips (30 no.s)

Tool  (If not available slit a toothpick)

Loads of patience and creativity!!!


  •  Start curling or coiling the paper with the help of a tool.
  •  When a strip is ending, open thrice the diameter of the coil and tuck in another strip. Likewise, roll up 12 strips.

  • Then, paste the coil’s end tightly with a glue that dries clear.

  • Now shape the coil on a marble OR push it to one side and turn it like a doorknob, all the while pressing it gently.

  • To make the saucer, you may roll up 17 strips and paste the end.

  • For making the handle, you may take a strip, cut it in the desired length and paste it on the cup.

  • Next, cover the inner surface of the cup with a glue that dries clear.

Now you have a beautiful Miniature!!!

Here is the picture of the one I made 🙂


…… 17 whole strips! I must be crazy then 🙂 Let me tell you, I used to hand-cut strips the wrong way then (I know, I know) so, yeah, using 17 strips was logical 🙂 🙂 🙂

New Blog

Hello everyone!

This is Ananda. You’d probably know me from the old blog hosted at Blogspot. I’m back now, at WordPress.

So, yes, blogging sure has been a great experience, and will continue to be so 🙂

Henceforth will the girl post here.

Let’s start with Om Shree Ganapataye Namaha 🙂

Thanks for your support,