The Beauty in Chemistry

Hey everyone!

Life’s been pretty nice to me lately,  and guess what? I’m going for the science fair in my school 🙂

It started out pretty simple,  in the computer lab, during a velapanti session. I just go there to skip the long  assembly speeches 🙂 (I write computer programs,  too)

So one day, as I mentioned,  I was sitting  veli (idle) and hit upon the idea of bringing the periodic table to life(okay, I tried). Being the humongous amount of code everyone thought it would be,  I sat for an hour a day, finishing the beauty in five days. (an honourable mention to the person who made everyone’s life so much easier by inventing Cut-copy-paste 🙂 )

So have a look at it,  but only after I tell you what this has got to do with my blog.

To store this, you need a pendrive, right? And why not make it funky by quilling a chemistry conical flask with some green stuff in it? So here goes:


4 thoughts on “The Beauty in Chemistry

  1. Such an innovative idea! Its nice to remember occasionally that chem used to be one of my favourite subjects in class 10. Just wondering…which class are you in?
    Skipping long assembly speeches…lol :D:D. Wish I could do that too(or rather past tense because my school’s officially over now)

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