Stamping Cards :)

Hey there everyone!

Here are some stamping cards I made:


How are they? Which one do you like most? By the way, my favourite one is the blue one in the bottom row πŸ™‚

And of course the first pink one πŸ™‚


Remember, I talked about punishing the punch? Well, here is the punishment (not much of it though, I’m too kind for that :p ) :



See ya,

Ananda πŸ™‚


Stamping Card + Envelope

Hey guys!

Warning: Long post with blabber and pic-tutorial ahead.

Recently I had the chance to visit Delhi’s Lajpat Nagar with my mom. It’s quite a popular hub around here. Moreover, Itsy Bitsy’s shop is located nearby (xD). So we went to pay a visit there too. You all must have heard the saying, water, water, everywhere but not a drop to drink; similarly the case with me was:

“Awesomeness, awesomeness everywhere, but not in the budget of mine :'(“

Still, my mom added in her money and bought us a lot of stuff πŸ™‚ (Happy ending to the shopping episode) and I brought home a few stamps and patterned paper. So I decided to make some cards with the clear stamps… ( Please note that I do not have the block to back the stamps, and a proper ink pad.)

Here’s how you can create awesome cards with just some markers and the stamps themselves πŸ™‚


Step 1: Procure the following materials (Bold markers or sketch pen brushes, any will do). UPDATE: How did that punch sneak in? It must be punished.



Step 2: Get an A4 sized sheet. Fold and cut the sheet into half, cut, and fold one part into half.


Step 3: Take stamp A, and ink it as shown.


Step 4: Once the stamp is covered in ink, press it on the paper. You will get a print. Repeat as shown.


Step 5: Take stamp B, ink it as shown, and press on the paper as shown. Your card is ready! (Ignore Laptop)


Now, for the envelope.

Step 6: Take the other half of the A4 sheet, and fold and cut as shown:


Step 7: Glue and Showdown!!!




Voila! There you go. One heck of a simple card πŸ™‚

See ya later,

Ananda :p

A Musical Post

Hey fellas!

There’s this pianist friend of mine who has her birthday this week. She’s one of the very first and prominent friends I made πŸ˜‰ Most of the group projects are done in collaboration. And yes, as I mentioned before, she is an excellent pianist too.

So I decided to make her a card consisting of things people associate with her. So, after a short friend survey, I ended up with a huge list out of which I incorporated some in the card πŸ™‚

Here goes:


How is it? You guys let me know in the comments section! 5 days for showdown!


Eat Chocolate, Reuse Fancy Wrapping

Hey guys!

You must’ve noticed the title. Yeah. Last month I got a box of chocolates!!!

And I finished them. Being lazy, I did not have the patience ot the energy to walk upto the dustbin to throw the wrappers. I simply reused them as embellies for handmade notebooks. Well, atleast you can call them notebooks. And oh, a bookmark too.

See them here :-

Bye for now,

Meet you guys after the exams (’tis the time of tribulations here)

– Ananda

Love is in the Air – Valentine’s special Post


Love may be in the air, but lemme bring it onto paper – you know, yesterday was Valentine’s day. I may be too young for a Valentine, but maybe not for quillography. Quillography was not my cup of tea till yet, but yeah, I need to admit it is pretty easy and the results are LOVELY.

I’d quilled LOVE on paper. Why love, you ask? That’s because it’sΒ  only four letters long and because I’m deadly scared of gigantosaur projects.

The pics:-


Hope you like it.

Happy Valentine’s Day, guys!

– Ananda

A Gift Envelope

Quick post today…

So I made some envelopes recently. You won’t believe when you realise what this was made from… A plain white office envelope. Okay, maybe my crafter friends wouldn’t be so impressed :/

But, anyway, making a paper doily without a die cut or something of that sort, is tough. I just used a teddy bear puch and a hand cut circle to make the center of this one. Will post pictorial soon.

Step one. Take an envelope. (duh!)Β  draw some lines with a specific colour combo on it.

Step two. Take a paper circle and stamp on its circumference by rotating the circle as you punch periodically.

Step three. Quill on the circle so done and write wishes. There! You’re done!



Ananda πŸ™‚

The Beauty in Chemistry

Hey everyone!

Life’s been pretty nice to me lately,Β  and guess what? I’m going for the science fair in my school πŸ™‚

It started out pretty simple,Β  in the computer lab, during a velapanti session. I just go there to skip the longΒ  assembly speeches πŸ™‚ (I write computer programs,Β  too)

So one day, as I mentioned,Β  I was sittingΒ  veli (idle) and hit upon the idea of bringing the periodic table to life(okay, I tried). Being the humongous amount of code everyone thought it would be,Β  I sat for an hour a day, finishing the beauty in five days. (an honourable mention to the person who made everyone’s life so much easier by inventing Cut-copy-paste πŸ™‚ )

So have a look at it,Β  but only after I tell you what this has got to do with my blog.

To store this, you need a pendrive, right? And why not make it funky by quilling a chemistry conical flask with some green stuff in it? So here goes:

Post Ten – Mayoor, the Indian Peacock

Hey everyone!

I’ve been skipping uninteresting posts lately, and yes, I did so even now πŸ™‚

Moving on to my latest creation, Mayoor, the jewellery set is quite a special one for me.

It’s currently posted on the Itsy Bitsy Blog (Make It Festive Challenge)Β so please do vote for me. The link opens in a new tab. (You don’t want to navigate away so quickly, right?)Β Β :mrgreen:

All the pieces have a backstory that I’ll be posting in different posts πŸ˜†

So, here’s the pic:

Mayoor ;)



Post Nine – The One That Made Me A Finalist

Hey everyone!

Skipping stupid posts, we get to another of my favourites, the one with the most pageviews in the old blog- Jashn, my first jewellery set.

The tutorial’s pretty simple for this one but it feels timetaking.

For the necklace, I divided and A4 sized strip into four parts. Make as many as you like, and roll them into uniform sizes. Make sure you roll even no. of coils and split them into two different, contrasting colours πŸ™‚

Join them in the zigzag manner as seen in the pic and paste all of it together. At the end, paste two hollow rolls and link the chain to those. πŸ˜‰


For the earrings, use three strips- two of the same colour and one of the other. Roll them tight, and add dimension. Then use the combination of a coil and a jumpring to connect the earring to the hanging. Do the same fot the other two.


For the maang-tikka, I don’t remember the method but make any shape of your choice then link it to the attachment (you can make one easily with some metal wire) which is like a hook.


Moving on to the last part, making the ring is pretty straightforward. roll a strip on your finger to obtain desired diameter. Then make any shape of your choice and paste it onto the coil πŸ™‚

The picture is as follows-

Jashn Manalo :)

This made me one of the finalists in The First Annual Itsy Bitsy Craft Awards 2012-2013 πŸ˜€

Thank you, Jashn. You gave me a reason to celebrate 😎


Post Eight – Scroll Quilling / Royal Flowers

Hey everyone!

Here’s one of my favourites: Scroll Quilling. It is different from beehiving in the fact that each scroll is made from a different section of a strip. I will post my version of the tutorial soon.

This is one of the pieces I will always continue to cherish.

So here goes-

Scroll Quilling :)

Have a great day!